Businesses can share posts

Instagram have made a change to its product so that businesses can now schedule posts on Instagram. Before this change Social Media Managers had to use a tool that would send out a push notification as a reminder to post at a given time. This was set when creating the post.

The scheduling option has not been added to Instagram itself but to its API, which means applications such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social can access this functionality and add it to their products.

Hootsuite have already rolled out the newly available feature to all their customers that operate a registered Instagram business profile. Customers are now able to schedule and post photo content directly through their Hootsuite dashboard. Now brands are able to schedule and publish across all the supported social networks in one single workflow.


Social Media Managers have been asking for these functions for some time as it has always been time-consuming having to go back to make a post live after it has been created.

The company has noted that this feature will not be limited to just business accounts. They are planning on rolling this out to others in 2019.

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Instagram stories and how they can help your business

If you aren’t using Instagram stories to promote your business or brand, you should be. In fact, I would go as far as to say that you are missing out big time if you aren’t making use of the function. If you are using Insta, then you should be adding to your story on a regular basis, as well as posting your usual photos and videos on your feed. Instagram stories are an extra string to your business bow. You might be wondering why you would bother to use them as a business or brand, because you aren’t posting for the benefit of your mates, and no one is interested in seeing what you had for lunch are they? Well, actually, they are. So, you’ll want to carry on reading.

Instagram stories are a brilliant marketing technique, and here’s why…

They let your consumers in

Stories give the impression that you are letting people in to the life of your business or brand. So, when I say that people ARE interested in what you had for lunch, this is what I mean. Your followers love to see the ‘human’ side of your brand, and by ‘human side’, I mean the people who work for you and what they are getting up to on a daily basis. People want to see what colour the walls are being painted in your office refurb and they want to see what snacks are on offer at the breakfast meeting. It makes them feel involved, and it makes them feel like they are getting to see the side of your business that no one else sees, a ‘sneak peek’ if you will. The more you can involve a consumer in your business, the better. Instagram stories are more personal than the branded photos you upload to your feed, and people like to connect on a personal level with a business.

You’ve got unlimited content

We know that if we bombard our followers with branded content, they start to disengage. Stories don’t work like this. You might only be able to post one photo or video on your feed a day, but Instagram stories don’t have that restriction. You can keep adding to your story throughout the day and no one gets all “snooze” about it. Winner!

You can add hashtags, you can tag people, you can add your location and you can add info. You can ask for engagement, you can ask for opinion and you can call your followers to action. Fill your story up with “follow them”, “look at this”, “decide that”, “come see us here”. Where you lead, we will follow, as such… Terrible joke, sorry (not sorry).

They’ve got limited time

No marketing technique works better than telling your consumer they are running out of time. Instagram stories are only there for 24 hours. Once that 24 hours is up, they are gone forever. This feature makes an Instagram story feel exciting. It encourages people to hashtag, follow, reply and engage when they wouldn’t usually.

So, you want some tips, don’t you? Here’s how to make the most out of your Instagram story; don’t let us down!

Top tips:

  • Post at optimal time – as they only last for 24 hours, get to know when your followers are online and use this to your advantage to get the highest levels of engagement possible.
  • They don’t have to be perfect – people like seeing things looking natural, we can tell when something has been staged to death. And, because they only last for 24 hours, you don’t worry if you’ve got a bit of a shiny face in your selfie.
  • Call to action – the human race likes to be told what to do, if you don’t tell us to “click here”, we won’t. Use the features in Instagram stories to direct your followers; show them where to go and what to see.
  • Use it as a gauge – you can see how many people are viewing your story and you can see which posts and calls to action people engage with (it’s risky to do this with your one post of the day on your feed, but not so much with your story). You can then start to tailor your content to your consumers more effectively and keep giving them exactly what they want.

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ATTACHMENT DETAILS 5-Instagram-tips-to-improve-your-feed.png August 10, 2017 1 MB 735 × 1102 Edit Image Delete Permanently URLI often see the same mistakes being made on Instagram time and time again. Here are 5 Instagram tips to improve your Instagram Feed

  1. Be consistent – When using filters, before uploading through Instagram one common mistake people make is using a different filter each up. The photo may look great with that photo but your feed will overall look messy. Try finding one filter that you think looks great on most of your photos and use that one. This will ensure that your feed looks clean and please to the eye. It will make it easier for client to browse through your feed.
  2. Always crop your images the same way – Make sure you are always consistent when cropping your images. Keep it simple and always use square photos. If you want to use a border, ensure you always use the same border.
  3. Natural light is always better – It is so important to take your photos with natural light. Your images will be of a higher quality and be more detailed. Photos taken with natural light also look better with filters applied. If possible, try and take your photos near an open window.
  4. Choose a theme – Decide on the mood you would like for your feed. This may be moody, tropical, colourful, minimalistic or black and white. Sticking to a consistent style will keep your theme consistent.
  5. High quality photos are best – A high quality photo is one that looks sharp and makes us want to double tap. A blurry image will stand out for all the wrong reasons. If the blurry photo is the only one you have, don’t post. Shoot again 🙂