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With a full-time job in IT, a small business, opening a gallery and looking after a five-year-old as a single mum, I have struggled over the past year trying to keep organised and on top of everything. I tried so many different apps trying to get organised so that I could manage all my client’s information, freelancers, social media management and the general day to day project management of a small web design/social media management business. I also needed a space to share all this information with my business partner who is my twin sister, and a flight attendant so that she could keep on top of her work and have all the information at hand about our clients, logins etc.. on the road.

I was feeling really frustrated with the latest app I was trying, as again I found that after setting it all up, it was missing a feature I needed. Then, an app called Monday crept into my Facebook feed. After reviewing it and liking the user interface, as it looked a lot like some of the project management programs I have used throughout my career, I decided to give it a go.

I set the app up and started loading the information about one of my projects. I was able to add in everything that I needed including attaching all password information, making notes against each task, copying in emails and correspondence and uploading documents, screenshots and any information that I had in a variety of formats related to that project.

I felt that I finally had an app that I could work with. I quickly sent my sister an invitation telling her that this was the app that we should use.

After sending her so many logins to different apps over the last few months, I could feel the proverbial eye rolls from a thousand miles away. However, she loved it!

We now use Monday for everything. We have set up a system that works for us where we have each of our active client’s boards grouped in one folder and what are called “pulses” added and tailored specifically to the work we are undertaking. We then assign the work to each other and make all updates to tasks and add all materials and correspondence as we go.

This has become our complete project management system for all of our work. We also create shared boards for our freelancers so that we can keep on top of all of the tasks they are working on and have a complete record of everything.

At this stage, due to costs, we are only using the Basic Plan which gives us everything we need at AUD $34 per month, a small investment to have my business life organised. However, I could definitely see the benefit of the larger plan as it gives you the ability to plan everything in one visual timeline and integrates with other apps. As our business grows, we will most likely upgrade to this plan.

With an app like this, I finally feel like we are organised and have our workflows under control. This will help us keep on top of things during 2018 as our small business grows.

Liza is the content manager and founder of The Content Hub. As a technology specialist she loves passing on her knowledge about the latest technology and best practices to her readers.


How I use Evernote and OneNote to be more productive

There are so many posts out there comparing Evernote to OneNote. But, do you have to make a choice? Not necessarily. Why? Well, both Evernote and OneNote have their strengths and weaknesses, and I find that to be more productive I need to use both.

For a while, I hopped between the two trying to decide on which one to use, so I had content all over the place which is not conducive to being productive. There is nothing worse than having content in several different places, and you can’t remember what content you put where. You need to set up a system that works for you and stick to it.

So how do I use each application? Below is a rundown of my workflow and how each application fits into the process

How I use Evernote


For brainstorming ideas for my blogs, I use Evernote. Any idea that I think of goes into Evernote on my ideas page. I use Evernote for this as I never have problems with opening Evernote or syncing. It is always available, and I don’t have to fumble around with passwords which can be annoying with OneNote. Everything always syncs perfectly across my devices immediately. It is the best app for jotting down ideas on the go.

Content Planning

Evernote is great for content planning. For each blog idea I have written down and decided to write about, I create a separate note in my blogging notebook with the title and idea. I can then see all the posts listed that I have committed to writing for the year.

Drafting Content

Once I am ready to write a post I write in Evernote. I have written about Evernote and blogging previously so you can read about this on my blog post “Why I Use Evernote for Blogging”. Once my posts are drafted, I then copy them over to Grammarly for a quick check and then into my WordPress site.

How I Use OneNote

Task management

To manage tasks and projects, I use OneNote. I find that the task management tools in OneNote are superior to Evernote. This is because you have so many choices already built in and everything syncs to Outlook. Also, all my work colleagues use Outlook, so I can track tasks and assign them to others easily.

This is particularly helpful when you are in meetings as you are able to take minutes directly in OneNote, assign action items and then send out the meeting minutes immediately. This is such an efficient way of working.

Meeting minutes

As mentioned above I take all meeting minutes in OneNote. During a meeting, I will open up a meeting template directly from the meeting in Outlook and begin taking notes.

As action items are assigned, I will assign them immediately in OneNote, and they will go to the task list of the person who has been assigned the task.

I can then track these all in OneNote. Once the meeting is complete, I immediately send all the notes to the participants. Therefore you don’t have to worry about sending out the minutes later and are so much more efficient.

Both Evernote and OneNote

Managing Resources

Now, this is one area where I use both applications. Any resources I find on the web that are related to my blogs I send to a notebook in Evernote called “Resources”.

If the information is related to my full-time job as a knowledge and collaboration tools manager, I send it to OneNote.

Why do I use both applications for this? Well, I like to separate my work streams into different applications so that I am more organised.

I also do this with other project management applications I use such as Asana and Trello.

As you can see, there are uses for both Evernote and OneNote, so you don’t have to choose between the two. You need to come up with a workflow that works for you and stick to it.

Have any other ways of using OneNote and Evernote? Share your experience in the comment section below.

Liza is the content manager and founder of The Content Hub. As a technology specialist she loves passing on her knowledge about the latest technology and best practices to her readers.