5 Instagram tips to improve your feed

ATTACHMENT DETAILS 5-Instagram-tips-to-improve-your-feed.png August 10, 2017 1 MB 735 × 1102 Edit Image Delete Permanently URLI often see the same mistakes being made on Instagram time and time again. Here are 5 Instagram tips to improve your Instagram Feed

  1. Be consistent – When using filters, before uploading through Instagram one common mistake people make is using a different filter each up. The photo may look great with that photo but your feed will overall look messy. Try finding one filter that you think looks great on most of your photos and use that one. This will ensure that your feed looks clean and please to the eye. It will make it easier for client to browse through your feed.
  2. Always crop your images the same way – Make sure you are always consistent when cropping your images. Keep it simple and always use square photos. If you want to use a border, ensure you always use the same border.
  3. Natural light is always better – It is so important to take your photos with natural light. Your images will be of a higher quality and be more detailed. Photos taken with natural light also look better with filters applied. If possible, try and take your photos near an open window.
  4. Choose a theme – Decide on the mood you would like for your feed. This may be moody, tropical, colourful, minimalistic or black and white. Sticking to a consistent style will keep your theme consistent.
  5. High quality photos are best – A high quality photo is one that looks sharp and makes us want to double tap. A blurry image will stand out for all the wrong reasons. If the blurry photo is the only one you have, don’t post. Shoot again 🙂

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