How to Manage Your Time to Be More Productive

How to Manage Your Time to Be More Productive

Managing your Time

Managing your time well is critical to improving productivity. The biggest time suck is unexpected or usually unimportant tasks getting in the way as well as spending too much time on social media. Social media for me is one of my biggest time wasters.

To avoid this, plan out your day and compartmentalise unexpected interruptions. Below are some general tips for managing your time.

Start the day with some structured ‘me time.’

I like to start the day by going through all my email received the night before. Those that can be answered quickly I answer straight away, others I flag for follow up later in the day. I then just delete the stuff that is unimportant and file those that are for information purposes.

Use your daily commute to research or complete tasks

I have a daily commute when I go to the office of about 45 minutes on the train. I use this time wisely by either planning out my tasks for the day, catching up on any technology related news or brainstorming future blog posts. It is 45 minutes of complete me time, so I use it wisely.

Schedule shorter meetings

I like to schedule all my meetings for either 15 or 30 minutes. This ensures we get onto the subject we need to talk about right away and don’t waste time with chit-chat. You will get the same amount of work done and will ensure that you are ready to go on time with conference call set ups. You will be amazed at how productive you can be in a 15-minute meeting.

Schedule regular breaks throughout the day

I never schedule back to back meetings. I always put breaks in between so that others cannot schedule time with me. There is nothing worse than running from meeting to meeting. Putting 15 minutes between is a technique I used when supporting a senior executive so that they never had to rush and I’ve put this practice into place myself ever since.

So those are my four tips to improve productivity by focussing on how you spend your time. If you have any other tips you would like to share, please do so in the comments below.

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