How I Use Evernote to Track Client Work

How I Use Evernote to Track Client Work

With the Content Hub becoming increasingly busier by the day and taking on more clients,  it has become a priority to be more organised with all my client files and notes. That is where Evernote comes in.

I have set up a system in Evernote to manage all my clients work so that I have everything available to me on any device at any time. My system is as follows:


For each client, I have created a new workbook. Within this workbook, I create a new note each time I have a meeting with the client and attach any notes, images or files so that I keep everything that we have discussed together.

I sometimes take notes in the penultimate app and then move them into the right notebook afterwards. I also use my new Evernote moleskin notebook to take notes and then send screenshots directly to the clients workbook from my smartphone


I tag all my content with the client’s name as well as what type of project it is. Whether it is social media management, web design or content writing. That way in the future as my notebooks become significant I can search on my tags and find previous work that is related that I can use on future projects.


At the top of each Workbook, I create a note called resources that contains a brief overview of the project, contact details and a checklist of all tasks that need to be completed.

Attached to this note is any contract or signed agreements that I have made with the client.

Business Card

For business cards, I scan them and send to a different notebook where I keep all business cards. I then tag the note with “business card” and the client’s name. This way I can search and find this information quickly when I need it.


Within the client’s workbook, I have a note that I have called finances. This is where I send all receipts as well as track expenses.

As you can see Evernote can be extremely helpful for tracking client work.

If you have any ideas about using Evernote for business, please comment below as I would love to hear how others are using Evernote to help manage their business to be more organised.

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