4 important elements of a social media message

Important elements of a social media message

There are 4 important elements of a social media message.

Two-way communication

Listening to what others are saying is the single most important aspect of engaging in social media. This will help you find out:
•what customers are interested in
•what customers are saying about your brand
•what customers are saying about your competition

Without this information, it is far more difficult to create a message that will engage your customers.

Successful messages take communication the other way too by encouraging your followers to do something when they read your message. This might be that they read your blog post, share it with others, or like your Facebook page or Instagram post.

Your goal is to engage with your audience, build a relationship and then when they need your product or service; it is you that they will contact.


Nothing engages people more than a story. Stories will tell people about your brand and how it can make their lives better.

Social media storytelling isn’t telling some stories about a brand. It’s unearthing the core story at the heart of your brand and telling it in meaningful ways that people enjoy, appreciate and share.

For further information on using storytelling in social media, check out Buffer’s post on 11 storytelling formulas to supercharge your social media.

Transparency, Honesty and Authenticity

Make sure that your brand’s message is genuine. Social media is all about interaction.

If your messages sound automated or programmed, your customers will be turned off and won’t engage with your brand. Make sure your messages are crafted individually with those you want to engage with.

There are programs out there that you can use to post messages automatically. Don’t be tempted to do this. These messages are easy to spot and are so transparent in an attempt to gain more followers without actually engaging with them.

Do what you can to make your messages feel real.


Another big element of building trust is consistency. Your message should be consistent across all of your social media channels.

You may approach each channel differently due to the demographics of the audience, however your messages need to be consistent.

To build brand awareness make sure each social media channel has consistent handles. This will help with identifying your brand and with search engine rankings.

Now I would recommend spending some time looking at all your social media channels to ensure consistency and try to follow the four best practices with each channel and every time you post.

Liza is the content manager and founder of The Content Hub. As a technology specialist she loves passing on her knowledge about the latest technology and best practices to her readers.


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