What should be in your daily social media plan?


Daily social media plan

One of the main questions I get asked at my social media management workshops is how often you should post in each social media channel. I think it depends on your business and what message you need to send to your audience, however I am going to share with you my best practices for social media posting and how I plan my social media posts for the week.

I spend each Sunday evening planning out my social media posts for the coming week. I first work out my Instagram posts and add them to a tool called Planoly. I am then able to see the weeks feed altogether and make sure it is cohesive and I have a mixture of personal and business related posts. I then look at these messages and see which ones would be suited to also share out on Twitter. Since I have Twitter and Instagram linked, I am able to post to Instagram and have the same message posted out on Twitter.

With Twitter, I post from Instagram but also post specific messages as well about my business. The same for Facebook. The same message can be shared across all three, however you should tailor your message to the audience for each social media channel.

Following is the daily schedule I use for each of the four social media channels that I use:

•One to two posts per day as per my weekly schedule
•Respond to all comments each day
•Like and comment on at least 10 other Instagram accounts to help build engagement

•Tweet links to three old blog posts
•Retweet three other bloggers tweets
•Reply to three other bloggers tweets
•Respond to all tweets and direct messages

•Pin most recent blog post to three boards
•Pin three old blog posts to various shared boards
•Repin ten other bloggers pictures

•Post daily either a personal post or share a new blog post
•Share another post from my audience
•Ask a question or some other call to action

I do try to stick to the above schedule but of course things can change throughout the week.

Do you have a weekly schedule that you stick to in regards to social media? If so, I would love to hear your thoughts on how you manage social media for your business

Liza is the content manager and founder of The Content Hub. As a technology specialist she loves passing on her knowledge about the latest technology and best practices to her readers.


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