Businesses can now schedule posts on Instagram

Businesses can share posts

Instagram have made a change to its product so that businesses can now schedule posts on Instagram. Before this change Social Media Managers had to use a tool that would send out a push notification as a reminder to post at a given time. This was set when creating the post.

The scheduling option has not been added to Instagram itself but to its API, which means applications such as Hootsuite and Sprout Social can access this functionality and add it to their products.

Hootsuite have already rolled out the newly available feature to all their customers that operate a registered Instagram business profile. Customers are now able to schedule and post photo content directly through their Hootsuite dashboard. Now brands are able to schedule and publish across all the supported social networks in one single workflow.


Social Media Managers have been asking for these functions for some time as it has always been time-consuming having to go back to make a post live after it has been created.

The company has noted that this feature will not be limited to just business accounts. They are planning on rolling this out to others in 2019.

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