Fees & Payments


1A. All quotes are final and must be paid in 2 payments. 50% upfront before any work has commenced, and the following 50% when all images have been approved. Any additional fees (ie. cost/s of additional props that need to be purchased, as requested by the client), are charged additionally to the final invoice. 

1B. After the final payment has been made, that is deemed as confirmation that the client approves all images and is not required to re-shoot or make any changes to the original proposed project.

1C. images can not be used or shared without final payment being made. Failure to respect this, will result in all images being retracted and no reimbursement of the deposit payment. 

1D. The Content Hub does not offer refunds or exchanges of any payment. Any refunds that may be offered will be on a one to one basis and will be deemed acceptable by The Content Hub.

1E. Once the shoot commencement date has been agreed upon, it is the clients responsibility to ensure the products arrive in time for the date. If any delays occur you must let The Content Hub  know 3 business days before the shoot, or you will loose your spot, and will be rescheduled for the next date available. 

1F. If engagement in monthly service is terminated, the client is required to make all final payments for all 3 months of the agreement.



2A. The Content Hub retains the copyright for all images created and grants permission for use of these images to the client. All content created by The Content Hub  is owned by The Content Hub and The Content Hub may retract permission at any time if any of the terms and conditions are broken or if images are used in a way that was not originally disclosed.

2B. The Content Hub may use the images for its own promotional purposes unless you purchase exclusive rights to the images. Exclusive rights are to be charged at 30% of the cost of the photoshoot.

2C. The images must not be modified without the photographer's permission. This includes but is not limited to instagram or photography filters. If any extra editing is required, this must be completed by The Content Hub in house. 

2D. You may not use content in a defamatory or other unlawful manner you may not falsely represent that you are the original creator of a work that is licensed content. 

2E. The Content Hub accepts no liability for products or damage to product that may occur due to postage or throughout the photoshoot. It is assumed that these products are able to be used and opened.



3A. The cost of delivery to The Content Hub is the client's responsibility. if you require products to be returned you must make The Content Hub aware of this. The client is responsible for covering the cost of return shipping.

3B. If the client requires The Content Hub, it will be returned via Sendle Courier Services, and thereby you agree to all of their terms and conditions, as well as insurance coverage. 

3C. It is assumed that if products have not been picked up; or delivery organised; within 30 days of the photoshoot finishing, The Content Hub is not required to hold onto the products; unless stated prior that you require your products to be held onto and approved by The Content Hub. If a following photoshoot is not booked within 6 months of the shoot, the products will not be stored.


PRODUCTS 4A. Products must be supplied to The Content Hub in a condition suitable for photography, i.e. clean and free from damage. if products require cleaning, repair or preparation during either the photography or the post processing, this will attract an additional charge of $40 an hour for intensive editing, if possible.